While you recover from the battles, betrayals and bonking that went on in this fourth instalment, these clever folk have helpfully collated a box set collection of all the nude scenes in this series - and there have been a few.
Sure, it was a shorter season, but that alone doesnt account for such a huge drop in the number of characters that dropped trou.In fact, there was more nudity in Season 1 than there has been in any season since.One-time, nubile forced sex video real game of Thrones guest star Ian McShane infamously dismissed the HBO show as just tits and dragons, but fans who watched the recently completed Season 7 mightve noticed something.Women accounted for the remaining 91 percent.If you liked this article, check out this video about incest.Unless, of course, youre into gerontophilia, urolagnia or genital warts.This was the show that codified the term sexposition, after all.In which case, you've just hit the jackpot!Thrones, though it still had almost three times as many naked people as Season.Watch your favourite characters in action above.Comparing it to Season 3's compilation, which contained the most "adult content" in one season thus far, it's a full six minutes shorter.Game of Thrones quickly became, you dont need gratuitous nudity to get people watching.Too bad well have to wait for a long, long time to see how much were going to see in Season.Still, thats not going to stop us from fulfilling our HuffPost tradition of gathering all the seasons sex and nudity into one comprehensive compilation for your erudite cultural studies.The penultimate season.
On Sunday, Season 6 of "Game of Thrones" went out with a literal bang.

The third season showcased 19 naked people, with women accounting for 79 percent of the total compared to the guys 21 percent.
Game of Thrones, as well, and they paint a similar picture.
Season 6 was probably the least titillating of the series.