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A wave of other American hidden-camera prank shows began in the 1980s: Totally Hidden Video was shown on Fox from 19MTV 's Ashton Kutcher vehicle, Punk'd, devised elaborate pranks on celebrities.
What Do You Say to a Naked Lady?There's usually the inevitable reveal.Brent Douglas and the late Phil Stone of kmod-FM in Tulsa, OK created " Roy.Animal Planet once ran a similar special called People Traps, produced and hosted by Trace Beaulieu of Mystery Science Theater 3000 fame.11 In a 2010 interview, 12 Peter Funt commented on some of these shows, saying, Weve always come at it from the idea that we believe people are wonderful and were out to confirm.Because there's pretty much no dialogue at all (overdubbing with music it's often shown during adults only campgrounds flights.A German variant of Candid Camera, known as Verstehen Sie SpaƟ?, was begun in 1980 and continues to air today.Oblivious (stylized as Obliviou ) was a "hidden-camera game show" aired on Spike.Before agreeing to buy a box of cookies.The segment was to be called 'Sneaky Camera' or something like that, and they then proceeded to lampshade the fact that it would be a ripoff of another show (Candid Camera, but not mentioned by name.).The celebrity targets are often politicians, and the pranks are more satirical than most other shows - most famously, getting into the security zone around the apec conference thinly disguised as a Canadian motorcadenote For more info on this stunt, see Bavarian Fire Drill.Candid Microphone, Funt's concept came to television on August 10, 1948, and continued into the 1970s.At the end of the episode Mary gets a call from Mrs.Older Than They Think : Legend has it that during the Second World War, a junior aide at Buckingham Palace rather rudely hung up on the then-Queen of the Netherlands, who'd just been evacuated -much against her will!- along with a Government in Exile ahead.Swearing may occur at this point.Brooks, Tim; Marsh, Earle (2009).Another series was aired in 1976 with Jonathan Routh in charge, with Dulay as producer.