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People Love to talk with various people having a different experience in life and living far from you.
How To Join: Just enter your name and boom, and you can start talking with girls around the globe.
Ttyl : Talk to you later - a way of signing off.
Fwiw : For what it's worth - used before giving an opinion that others may or may not think is important/valid/useful.Once you have crossed the generation gap, you are old, out of touch and there is no way back!BRB / BBS / BBL : Be right back / Be back soon / Be back later - all have the same meaning.We also have something for non-techie people who do not have any knowledge about how online chat rooms operate we have made it simpler.Still, there are a lot of People who love to chat with other people in best chat rooms without registration beside of having a lot of social media platform available nowadays.The person is going away, but will soon return.To win you must type Link and your guess.The CH will give you 2 words and you have to find the word that links them together.We don't suggest you use it!Its natural that people tend to interact with other like-minded people and become friends with the passage of time that why people also called as a social animal.If you are not talking to your friend, still you are communicating that I am angry at you.The reason for this is young people have their own special vocabulary.Myob : Mind your own business - a strong expression when you feel that someone is too interested in your personal life.Pakistani Chat: To be a member of, pakistani Chat Room you need nothing just to register yourself in any.LOL : Laughing out loud - used when something is funny.Link: Danny's SMS English dw: don't worry drink water do work did.a.n.d.: Here's a new deal Hope and nice dreams Have a nice day He's angry, no doubt gf: good Friday get finished great find girlfriend idc: It's damn costly I don't care.These are all common examples.So, if the CH said toad and pigeon, the linking word would be stool (toad stool and stool pigeon).If they seem to be using a language that you don't understand, you are firmly on the wrong side of the generation gap.The generation gap is a popular term used to describe differences between people of a younger generation and their elders, especially between a child and his or her parent's generation.
Link: SMS English - Text Speak 'A-Z'.
BTW : By the way - used when giving an extra piece of information as an afterthought.